Born to Build, Edition 2, is here! Join us in Lisbon!

Born to Build, 2nd Edition — Lisbon, November 2022

Massa x KYVE x Axelar x Bundlr — friends & builders, among friends & builders — are joining forces to bring you the 2nd Edition of Born to Build! Join us in Lisbon, November 1st, for a fun yet productive afterwork (book your tickets here).

On the 20th of July 2022, Massa, KYVE and Axelar, three of the industry’s latest and most innovative projects building new blockchain infrastructure, teamed up to launch the first edition of Born to Build. This event enabled developers, friends, and their communities to get together for a fun after-work event during Ethcc Paris 2022. With such a great result, we thought… why not bring the event to Lisbon. This time, with a fourth project by our side: Bundlr!

Born to Build, 1st Edition — Paris, July 2022

Remembering the First Born to Build — Paris Edition

Back in July, more than 250 people registered for the event, with over 300 actually showing up! Not only was it a great time for our projects’ teams to get together and brainstorm on future initiatives, but also spend time with our fellow community members and users, gathering their feedback over some cold beers.

We’re very pleased with how Born to Build turned out, not only giving KYVE, Massa, and Axelar a great opportunity to connect further with our developer and node runner communities, but also time for our projects to come together and brainstorm upcoming product collaborations.” — Paul Bramas, Community Manager at KYVE.

While partnerships, discussions, and building on and with Massa continue in the background, this event was a great occasion to introduce Massa to the wider blockchain community. The great feedback we received from the participants encouraged us to think about a second edition of this event — And here we are! Born to Build 2 is coming to Lisbon.

Partners of the 1st Edition — Paris, July 2022

Partners of the 2nd Edition — Lisbon, November 2022

Building Great Opportunities For All

The Ethcc week in Paris, and the Blockchain week in Lisbon are always a great opportunity for meeting many projects and people interested in building on Massa, as well as having our community members, partners, and early birds visit our offices and meet with the team.

We are grateful to all our Masstronauts who help organize those events, as well as our partners Axelar, KYVE and Bundlr for making it a reality. We are also very grateful to our community members who always come to visit it and meet with us.

About Massa:

Massa is a high-performance blockchain designed to be truly decentralized from the start. The Massa testnet was released in July 2021, providing an easy way for anyone to test our protocol, and has been constantly improving since then.

About KYVE:

KYVE, the Web3 data lake solution, is a protocol that enables data providers to standardize, validate, and permanently store blockchain data streams. By leveraging permanent data storage solutions like Arweave, KYVE’s Cosmos SDK chain creates permanent backups and ensures the scalability, immutability, and availability of these resources over time.

KYVE’s network is powered by decentralized uploaders and validators funded by $KYVE tokens and aims to operate as a DAO in the near future. This past year KYVE has gained major support, currently backed by top VCs, including Hypersphere Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Distributed Global, Mechanism Capital, CMS Holdings, IOSG Ventures, and blockchains such as Arweave, Avalanche, Solana, Interchain, and NEAR.

Join KYVE’s community: Twitter | Discord | Telegram

About Axelar:

Axelar delivers secure cross-chain communication for Web3. As a universal overlay network, Axelar supports general message passing and composability of programs via a proof-of-stake transport layer. Partners include major proof-of-stake blockchains, such as Avalanche, Cosmos, Ethereum, and Polkadot. Axelar’s co-founders are founding team members of Algorand and award-winning graduates of MIT, where they received notable recognition as part of their graduate studies.

Join Alexar’s community: Twitter | Discord | Telegram

About Bundlr:

Bundlr is a data network, optimized for performance, infinite scalability with unlimited storage and composability, allowing users to sign and pay with any of the 14 tokens we support. Our network provides maximum flexibility and ease to developers at projects or companies to build dApps with decentralized data that will scale with their long-term growth and put data ownership back in the hands of the users, protecting their data from security risk and censorship by storing it permanently on Arweave. Ultimately, our vision is to decentralize the world’s data, providing an open, transparent, trustless source of truth to protect humanity and ultimately set them free.

Join Bundlr’s community: Twitter | Discord | Telegram



Massa is a truly decentralized blockchain controlled by thousands of people. With the breakthrough multithreaded technology, we’re set for mass adoption.

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Massa Labs

Massa is a truly decentralized blockchain controlled by thousands of people. With the breakthrough multithreaded technology, we’re set for mass adoption.