Build Smart Contracts with Massa’s SC Playground

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3 min readNov 4, 2022

Blockchain technology has improved tremendously over the last decade but smart-contract security can still be an issue. Smart contracts play a critical role in a blockchain when moving digital assets from one address to another. They’re also the backbone of most Web3 dapps. If a smart contract has an exploit, it’s pretty much guaranteed that, in time, someone will find it and abuse it. That’s why rigorous testing is such an essential part of smart contract deployment, as once deployed they can’t be modified further.

While there are numerous tools to be found online, no other testing environment is as useful as the blockchain you’re about to deploy on. That’s why Massa developed the Smart Contract Playground. The idea is to help developers explore the capabilities of smart contracts written in Assembly Script and the Massa Smart-contract SDK. Basically, this tool lets you write and test out your Massa smart contracts. Keep in mind this is a Minimum Viable Product and, as such, has certain limitations. However, those will be improved upon with time.

So what exactly can you do with Massa’s MVP Smart Contract Playground? Let’s have a look.

Massa’s Smart Contract Playground is a useful tool that allows smart contract developers to write, format, compile, unit-test, export and share smart-contract code written in Assembly Script. It is aimed at newcomer developers who are exploring Massa’s smart contract capabilities for the first time. As we’ve mentioned, this is the first release of the product to the community and there’s a lot of space for improvement. Currently, the main limitations of the Smart Contract Playground are:

1. Serverless architecture — it uses your browser’s local storage for storing the code space.

2. Limited SC methods — at the moment, the available functions are

  • getOf & setOf to interact with data (read and write)
  • generateEvent to log blockchain content easily
  • unsafeRandom to generate a random Number between 0 and the max Safe integer
  • Address: a class representing the address of a wallet

3. One file allowed — you can only work on 1 file. We’ll automatically save all changes you make.

4. You can’t deploy a smart contract to the blockchain directly from the Playground.

New methods will be gradually added and more capabilities will be released as the tool matures based on feedback from the developer community. Despite these limitations, you as a developer can still try it out and experiment with building interesting contracts. The contract types you can create using the tool include:

  • Fungible tokens
  • Non-fungible tokens
  • Lottery
  • Video games
  • Price oracles

The best part? Massa’s Smart Contract Playground is open-source and completely free for anyone to use. The tool is already live on the Massa website, so if you’re a developer aching to test some smart contracts, you should definitely try it out. In case you’d like additional functionality, you can submit your request in this Github repository.

Web3 is developing rapidly but it’s our obligation to make the space as safe as possible. Massa solves the blockchain trilemma and sets a new standard for all Layer 1 blockchains by providing security, scalability and decentralization rates beyond competition. With the Smart Contract Playground, the project is advancing the testing sector, giving developers a free tool to polish their code before launch.

About Massa:

Massa is a high-performance blockchain designed to be truly decentralized from the start. The Massa testnet was released in July 2021, providing an easy way for anyone to test our protocol, and has been constantly improving since then.



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