Enabling the On-Chain Web: The Massa Decentralized DNS is Coming!

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3 min readJun 7, 2024


The vision of a truly decentralized web has long captured the imagination of the blockchain community. However, the reality is that most dApps today still rely on centralized servers to host key components, leaving them vulnerable to hacks and censorship. The Massa blockchain’s on-chain web infrastructure tackles this challenge head-on. And now, we’re excited to announce the imminent launch of a critical piece of this puzzle: the Massa Decentralized DNS.

What is the Massa On-Chain Web?

Massa’s on-chain web hosts both the frontend and backend of dApps directly on the blockchain, enabling unparalleled security, reliability and censorship-resistance. No more relying on centralized points of failure. No more frontend hacks leading to massive losses, like the $120M stolen from BadgerDAO, $575k from Curve Finance, or $240k from Balancer. With Massa’s on-chain web, dApps can be accessed seamlessly from any browser via human-readable .massa domains, with no intermediaries.

Introducing the Massa Name Service Smart Contract

At the heart of the Massa Decentralized DNS is the Massa Name Service smart contract. Battle-tested on testnet, buildnet and mainnet, it’s now ready for prime time. This smart contract allows anyone to register a .massa domain and point it to their dApp, hosted entirely on the Massa blockchain. Here is the contract code.

Domain names are 2–100 character strings containing lowercase letters, numbers and hyphens, with the suffix “.massa”. (So, “wen-moon.massa” is valid but “x.massa” or “Big.massa” are not.) Registering a domain requires a half-refundable deposit of 10k/1k/100/10/1 MAS for name lengths of 2/3/4/5/6+ characters respectively. This prevents domain squatting while keeping costs accessible.

The DNS smart contract stores a list of valid domain names, together with their target address and owner address. Only the owner can update these addresses–for instance, to update a frontend, or to sell the domain.

Best of all, these domains are NFT-compatible, enabling easy listing and trading on NFT marketplaces.

The Massa Name Service smart contract is fully permissionless. Once launched, it will be entirely unstoppable. No special privileges for anyone–not even Massa Labs.

COMMUNITY AIRDROP: claim Your Free .massa Domain!

To celebrate this milestone and give back to our amazing community, we’re airdropping a free .massa domain to every Discord member! A lottery will start on June 14th on the Discord channel #mns-airdrop. The lottery assigns a minimum length for the airdropped domain name, from 2 characters for the most lucky people, to 6 characters for the least lucky.

You’ll have until June 23rd to participate and then choose your domain with the help of our Massa Bot. Don’t miss your chance to secure your piece of the on-chain web!

Launch and first integrations of the DNS

On June 24th, the DNS will open to the public and all reserved names will go live. The DNS smart contract will unlock: anyone will be able to book domain names on-chain, with the tool available at https://mns.massa.net.

As one of the first use cases, Massa Station will allow you to send tokens to a given Massa name, which it will resolve to the valid Massa address defined in the contract.

The Massa explorer is ready to show the names associated with a Massa address, and you can also search for a name in the search bar.

Last but not least, the Purrfect Universe NFT marketplace already has integrated support for .massa domains, which will be tradable there as any other NFT!

The Future of the Massa On-Chain Web

The domain system is just the beginning. In the near future, we’ll be releasing tools to deploy your frontend directly to the Massa blockchain. We’re also completing the Massa Station plugin that automatically loads .massa sites from on-chain instead of the traditional web. These additions will enable the creation of fully decentralized dApps with no centralized components whatsoever.

The decentralized web is coming — and it’s being built on Massa. With the launch of the Massa Decentralized DNS, we’re laying the foundation for a truly unstoppable web3. Get ready to experience the power of dApps hosted entirely on-chain. The future is here, and with Massa, it’s more decentralized than ever!



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