End of our First Crew3 Sprint!

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3 min readMar 13, 2023

The first Massa Crew3 sprint has come to an end, marking a pivotal moment in engaging the community and gathering feedback. Here is a summary of what happened during this exciting sprint.

Summary of the First Sprint

On January 10th, Massa stealth-launched its Crew3 program to engage the community. A few days later, it was officially announced, and the community began participating in the quests. The program was a resounding success, as shown by the following figures:

  • Number of Participants: 5,783
  • Number of Quests Available: 87
  • Maximum Number of Quests Done by One Participant: 295
  • Average Number of Quests Done by Each Participant: 35
  • Number of Quests Done in Total: 202,405
  • Average Number of Quests Done by Top 100: 241
  • Number of Quests Done in Total by Top 100: 24,100
  • Best Ranking on Crew3 for Massa: 12th (currently 85th, as there are no more sprints for now)
  • Number of Articles Reviewed by Masstronauts & Masscots: 749
  • Number of Articles That Passed the Review: 409
  • Number of Twitter Threads: 315
  • Number of Twitter Threads That Passed the Review: 217
  • Number of Memes: 1,199
  • More Than 5,000 People Participated in the Quizzes
  • More Than 1,200 People Tried to Run a Node

These numbers are impressive! We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all the Masstronauts and Masscots who reviewed the articles and content created by the community (almost 800 articles!). Moreover, the community has grown significantly, as shown by the following figures:

  • New Members on Discord: 3,903
  • New Members on Telegram: 4,043
  • New Followers on Twitter: 3,774
  • New Followers on Medium: 2,303
  • New Followers on YouTube: 2,222
  • New Followers on Reddit: 1,917
  • New Followers on GitHub: 1,888

These numbers are overwhelming, and we welcome all the newcomers to the community!

What Are the Next Steps?

Now that this sprint is over, the Massa team and our current ambassadors are reviewing the top 15 participants of this sprint to confirm their rewards. This will also involve choosing new Masscots, ensuring they adhere to the Berlin Code of Conduct, and rectifying any unvalidated tasks (including instances where people posted photos of their feet!). The top 25 participants will be required to fill out a form to associate their PFP with a Discord ID and/or a Massa Blockchain Address (since episode 20, the Ledger is now kept episode after episode).

Once this is done, we will prepare for the next sprint with new rewards, onboarding new members, continuing to support our growing ecosystem, and educating people about our vision and Massa technology.

We will announce on Discord the final list of winners.

Born to Build!

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