Grant Strategy Overview / Focus on Guided Grants

Massa Labs
3 min readFeb 26, 2024

The Massa Foundation is pleased to announce the official opening of its Grant Program!

The purpose of the Grant Program is to fund projects willing to take part in the growth of the Massa ecosystem and which align with Massa’s core values: innovation, genuine decentralization, and community participation.

A total of 20 million Massa tokens is allocated to the first year of this program, with typical grants starting from 25k tokens.

Projects are welcomed in various areas, as long as they are expected to bring significant value to the Massa ecosystem. These include:

  • Blockchain features
  • Tooling
  • dApps of any kind (such as DeFi, Gaming, NFTs, Supply Chain, and Identity)
  • Community events and other initiatives.

However, particular attention will be given to projects showcasing the exclusive advantages of the Massa blockchain — scalability, decentralization, autonomous smart contracts, and on-chain web. If part of your code is going to be released as free software reusable by the community, that’s even better for your application!

There are several ideas we deem to be useful for Massa at this stage, and we know we want to grant them! Please see the bounty page for an updated list. Here are the current ones, so don’t hesitate to apply!

  • NFT Marketplace;
  • Lending / Borrowing platform, possibly using Autonomous smart contracts for liquidations;
  • Multi-Sig smart contract;
  • Smart Contract Scanner, to better understand what’s happening in smart contracts;
  • A Borrowing Smart Contract for Stablecoin Implementation;
  • MetaMask Snaps;
  • Ledger integration;

As you can see, we welcome the creation of building blocks for the ecosystem, but don’t let your imagination constrained by these examples, we are more than happy to receive your creative ideas!

The Application Process

  • Submission: Make sure you have read and understood all the information provided on the grant page before submitting your application. Your application should include enough information for us to understand who is the team working on the project, your background, the project details, how far along you are in the design or product development, and what you expect this will bring to the Massa ecosystem. After submitting, you’ll receive a confirmation from the team.
  • Review: The Massa team will take into consideration every submission. The evaluation process will take one to two weeks. You can contact us if you have any questions or to provide additional information.
  • Discussion: If we have any questions about your application, we will contact you for additional information or documentation. When the review and discussions are completed, you will receive the final decision.
  • Signature: If the grant is approved, we will then have to sign a grant agreement with your development entity and complete KYB, before sending any funds.

The Collaboration

At Massa, a grant is one step in what we hope will be a fruitful collaboration. On our side, we are committed to help you complete your project, in particular on the technical development! If you need developers to complement your team, we can also help you find them.

Granted projects usually define several milestones in their roadmap, such as first a live MVP, then additional features, etc. In these cases, the grant payment is divided in several parts which follow the completion of these milestones, with the last payment upon completion and validation of the project. The project is expected to communicate regularly about the advances in development, and milestone written reports may be asked by the Foundation team.

After the successful delivery of your project, we will be happy to consider a follow-up grant on the same project or on other projects!

Check out the grant page to get started now!



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