How to Stake on Massa and Earn Impressive Yields

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2 min readApr 22, 2024


Welcome to the exciting world of Massa, where you have the opportunity to earn significant yields through two distinct staking methods: running a node or staking on the Dusa DEX. You can choose to engage in one or both methods, depending on your interest and resources.

Option 1: Staking by Running a Node on Massa

Yields: Running a node on Massa can currently yields about 100% annually.

Option 2: Liquidity incentives on the Dusa DEX

  • Step 1: Create a Wallet
    Create a browser wallet to interact with the Dusa DEX:
    - Bearby Wallet: (community wallet)
  • Step 2: Bridge Your Assets
    Bridge your assets like WETH, USDC, or DAI from the Ethereum mainnet to Massa:
    - Bridge to Massa:
    The bridging process costs around $5, and you will receive 1 $Mas airdropped to your Massa wallet to cover the initial gas costs.
  • Step 3: Add Liquidity on the Dusa DEX
    Navigate to the Dusa DEX and select the appropriate pools for your bridged assets:
    - Dusa DEX Pools:
  • Step 4: Manage Your Liquidity
    To ensure your liquidity is active, follow the concentrated liquidity model guidelines by Dusa Labs and monitor your position on the leaderboard:
    - Leaderboard and APR Info:

APR Information:
- Volatile assets: 1000+% APR
- Stable assets: 84% APR

Example of Potential Earnings: An estimated $2,431 per week can be earned with a $10,000 investment in stablecoins.

Additional Resources:
- Dusa Liquidity Providing Guide:


Massa offers two robust avenues for earning through staking: running your own node or participating in liquidity provision on the Dusa DEX. Depending on your preference and the assets you wish to utilize, you can choose the method that best suits your financial goals.

Join the Massa ecosystem today and start capitalizing on these lucrative opportunities!



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