Massa announces a Beta Ambassadorship Program

Massa Labs
3 min readOct 7, 2022

After more than 14 months of Testnet, while the community is growing and multiple projects start to build on it, Massa team decided to launch a Beta Ambassadorship program. In order to include more people from the community for the beginning of 2023, a team of Masscots and Masstronauts is going to be put in place.

From the very beginning of the Massa adventure, we were overwhelmed by the love and constant feedback from our community. And since our main goal is decentralization, we focused all our efforts for a strategy of builders, node runners and early adopters, not on marketing. Now it’s time to move on to the next phase.

What are Masstronauts & Masscots?

Masstronauts are core community members who have been building the community from Day 1. They cover multiple languages, countries, have diverse skills and more than anything they love the community .Masstronauts also help to navigate this new technology — from node running, to build,explain, create content, make partnerships, etc.

Masscots are meant to join them on this path and help to improve the community management and to spread the word about Massa. They will be selected to have a chance to join the Masstronauts in the future.

What is the roadmap?

The Masstronauts are already here. But the Masscots will be able to start applying (follow the “apply” section on the ambassadorship page) using our dedicated form from October 7th, at 1pm UTC (3pm UTC+2).

As soon as enough applications have been received ,the form will be closed — the latest will be October 30th, at 1pm UTC (3pm UTC+2).

Once we close the form, we will push through reviewing them. It will be a qualitative review, however, in case of spamming of the form or if there are too many applications for the Masstronauts to be able to review them we will have to find other factors (date of application, date of joining the community, random batch selection for review…) to go through them. The deadline Masstronauts give themselves is November 10th, at 1pm UTC (3pm UTC+2) to announce the name of 20 to 30 Masscots (depending on the quality & quantity of the applications).

Once the Masscots have been announced, the program will start from November 11th with a training organized online by the Masstronauts.

The Beta Program will end on January 30th. From there, Masscots and Masstronauts will see an overhaul of the program and a V.2.X of the Masstronauts will be put in place. It will not start before March 2023.

What do ambassadors get?

  • Early access to new features
  • Close communication with the project team
  • Massa tokens, based on contributions made

Do we have a partner for this Beta?

Masscots and Masstronauts will be onboarded on the platform Amb once they all have been selected, to allow the processing, ranking, reviewing of the tasks they will be offered to do.

In the future, once the program is over and the new and consolidated Masstronaut team emerges, another platform or process will be chosen to allow the community to participate and be rewarded.

We also wanted, once again, to thank everyone: our Masstronauts, our Community, our Partners, our Builders and everyone who is making Massa better everyday!



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