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5 min readApr 14


The NFT-powered 3D racing game that’s about make headlines

If you’ve been following his blog for a while, you already know that Massa is a blockchain project that aims to revolutionize not just blockchain technology but also the world of NFTs by offering ground-breaking autonomous smart contract technology. And you are probably already aware that the main advantage of Massa’s autonomous smart contracts is their ability to operate independently, without the need for external intervention or centralized control. This means that once a smart contract is deployed on the Massa network, it can execute all of its functions automatically, without any human intervention. Because autonomous smart contracts are designed to be flexible and customizable, they allow users to create NFTs with unique features and functionalities. For example, autonomous smart contracts can be used to create NFTs with time-bound access, allowing users to grant temporary access to their digital assets.

Another advantage of Massa’s autonomous smart contracts is their low transaction fees. Traditional NFT platforms often charge high fees for minting, listing, and trading NFTs. Massa, on the other hand, utilizes a feeless model, which means that users can create and trade NFTs without paying any transaction fees. Massa’s potential to revolutionize the world of NFTs by offering a decentralized, customizable and low-cost platform for creating, trading, and managing digital assets in a transparent manner is exactly what is inspiring revolutionary blockchain startups such as AltaiLabs to build awesome projects on it, such as Masscar for example.

AltaiLabs is a collective of blockchain fanatics who firmly believe that decentralization, freedom and community are noble values that should be shared by everyone. They are a bunch of crypto-enthusiast friends dedicated to creating a decentralized ecosystem where everyone has the same power to make independent choices. Their ultimate goal is to change the world while having fun on the way there. Oh, and they’re really into cats!

What is Masscar?

Masscar is the racing game in the Massa ecosystem. Starting out as one of AltaiLabs’ fun experimental projects aimed at pushing the boundaries of Massa’s autonomous smart contracts functionality, the game is part of their Purrfect Universe ecosystem that is currently being integrated within the overarching Massa ecosystem. A fully 3D racing game designed with the popular Unity gaming engine, Masscar allows NFT owners to participate in a race against each other across various scenarios and settings. It fully utilizes Massa’s autonomous smart contracts functionality in order to automate and dynamically adapt the gameplay conditions, making the Masscar more immersive and exciting than what most have learned to expect from a typical “blockchain game”. Players can choose from a range of available cars and road conditions and then experience the thrill of outracing the competition.

Jumping in and driving away is easy:

  • First connect your wallet, the easiest way to join the Massa ecosystem
  • Then select and purchase your own unique car
  • Head over to the Playground and join one of the active races there

Masscar lets you participate in races with NFTs you own, fiercely compete in various road conditions and win exciting prizes. Currently, three different car models are being produced, with more on the way. But the gameplay is not just about how powerful your car is — your driving experience and the car’s roadworthiness are important factors for winning the race. Random road conditions are constantly being generated by Massa autonomous smart contracts. So, buckle up!

Part of the Purrfect Universe

The Purrfect Universe is AltaiLabs’ social experiment that is 100% run by the community and aims to challenge the way we approach innovation within existing centralized systems. This is why AltaiLabs and Massa are such a good fit. In essence, both teams trust that community involvement is the best foundation of our future and that strong human connections can facilitate fresh new approaches to problem solving. In a world where centralized systems have dominated for far too long, AltaiLabs aims to bring about a welcomed change of pace by practicing the radical acceptance of others, pursuing decentralization and building trust through trustless solutions.

Can they succeed without centralized control or funding? The team believes that the community should decide. In the meantime, AltaiLabs will continue building projects that support community efforts, such as a decentralized blog, a private messenger, a block explorer, games and more. They are putting their paws together in a commitment to pursue the values of altruism, decentralization, freedom, and community in the crypto space. That’s precisely the reason AltaiLabs chose to build all their upcoming projects within the similarly values-driven and continuously expanding Massa ecosystem.

Driving innovation

To drive innovation even further, the Massa team provides grants to projects that bring value and utility to the ecosystem. Blockchain developers with great ideas but who need help and funding to get their project off the ground are encouraged to apply for these grants. Grant applications are open to everyone in and outside of the Massa community. Once the application is reviewed and deemed to bring benefits to the Massa ecosystem, it stands a good chance of receiving support in the form of fiat, stablecoins or Massa tokens. Click here to apply for a grant.

About Massa:

Massa is a high-performance blockchain designed to be truly decentralized from the start. Massa testnet was released in July 2021, providing an easy way for anyone to test our protocol, and has been constantly improving since then.



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