Massa Labs’ Mainnet Launch Announcement: Special Focus on Initial Node Runners

Massa Labs
3 min readJan 5, 2024

Greetings to Our Pioneering Initial Node Runners!

As Massa Labs embarks on the exhilarating journey towards a monumental mainnet launch, your role as initial node runners is indispensable. You are at the forefront of shaping our network’s infrastructure, setting the stage for a robust and dynamic blockchain ecosystem. We are counting on your active participation and dedication to achieve this milestone together!

Key Dates and Requirements for Initial Node Runner Setup

  • January 14th Deadline for Initial Node Runners: You have been selected as one of the fortunate few if your main address appears in the initial rolls file . It is crucial for you to have your nodes operational, routable, and ready for staking from now until January 14th. This privilege allows you to be an integral part of the network at its genesis, ensuring high block production and reward rates. We highly recommend initiating the setup process immediately (starting the evening of January 5th) to allow ample time for support on any technical issues.

If you miss the deadline, the rolls will become coins again, and you will be able to buy rolls again later, though you will miss out on being part of the initial group.

For guidance, please refer to our comprehensive node setup tutorial:

- Network Preparation: Prior to January 15th, your nodes should be actively running, routable, and forming a network mesh. This preparatory phase is crucial for establishing a stable and interconnected network, even though no transactions or block production will take place until the launch.

- Guidance for Other Node Runners: If you are a node runner but not within the initial group, your opportunity to stake will begin post-January 15th, following roll purchases. Your airdrop will become accessible on January 15th, and you must adhere to the standard procedures for roll purchasing to commence staking. Prior node launch is not required for this group.

Adherence to Official Massa Protocols

For all node runners, strict adherence to Massa’s official software and protocols is paramount. Refrain from using unauthorized docker files or third-party software, as these may compromise the security of your keys and tokens.

The Massa team will only provide support for issues related to official tools.

Support and Community Engagement

Our dedicated support team is available on Discord to assist with any challenges or questions you may encounter. Your engagement and feedback are invaluable in enhancing our community and network.

Exclusive Q&A for Initial Node Runners

To further support you during this critical phase, our founders will host and publish a dedicated video Q&A session on Monday, January 8, at 7 PM UTC. Please submit your questions for this session Remember, this Q&A is specifically for discussing issues related to initial node running.

We also plan a broader live community AMA to cover other topics related to the mainnet launch and beyond. Stay tuned for more details, and please direct any off-topic inquiries to the broader AMA questions form .

Your Impactful Role in Massa’s Future

As initial node runners, you are not merely participants; you are pioneers in this groundbreaking phase of Massa Labs. Your active contribution is key to building a strong, resilient network. We are thrilled to embark on this journey with you, as we collectively forge a new chapter in decentralized blockchain technology.

Important Notice: Node Connectivity
Please be aware that if your node is not routable, it may experience low connectivity and instability. It is crucial to ensure that your node is properly configured to maintain optimal network performance.

We look forward to your active participation and are excited to see the impact we will make together in the world of blockchain technology!

The Massa Team



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