Massa Mainnet Launch: A New Era Begins on January 15th

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5 min readJan 10, 2024

On January 15, 2024, the Massa mainnet will come to life, signifying not just the genesis of a new network, but a new era of true decentralization and innovation in blockchain. In a few short days, everyone will be able to enjoy the benefits of Massa’s powerful architecture, of breakthrough features like Autonomous Smart Contracts, and producing more blocks on your own than ever in this truly collective blockchain!

AMA: Your Invitation to Mainnet Insights

Before we step into this new world together, we invite you to join us for an insightful AMA session. On January 11th, at 4pm UTC, we’ll dive into the details of the mainnet updates. Set a reminder and join the live conversation here: Massa Mainnet AMA.

Mainnet at a Glance: The Journey Unfolds

The Foundation: January 5th and Beyond

Our mainnet’s heartbeat began on January 5th, with the release of the software and the activation of the bootstrap service. Since then, initial node runners have been diligently setting up their nodes, weaving the first threads of a vast and resilient network fabric.

Launch Day: January 15th Awaits

The 15th of January is the day we’ve all been waiting for: the mainnet springs into full action at 10:00:00 AM UTC, enabling staking, block production, and the first steps in the Massa network’s live environment.

Immediate Utilities on January 15th:

  • Explorer: Your Window to Massa

Check out our new explorer, ready for you to play with from day one.

  • Build on Massa

Developers, get ready to turn your blueprints into reality. Our updated documentation will provide all you need to start building on the Massa mainnet.

  • Stake Your Claim: Secure and Reward

Staking is where the heart of our network beats strongest. With staking, you not only secure Massa’s future but also pave the way for your own rewards — early stakers stand to earn the most. Here’s how you can start staking and become a part of Massa’s backbone:

  • Become a Node Runner

Those with over 100 coins can transition to node runners. Stake your coins, amplify your influence, and enjoy the benefits of being among the network’s early supporters. If you’re joining us beyond the initial node runner group, you’ll be able to stake by purchasing rolls starting January 15th. The process will mirror the testnet experience, leading you to your airdrop and beyond. Special note: For the safety and integrity of your assets and our network, all node runners must use Massa’s official software. Avoid docker files or third-party software to ensure the security of your keys and tokens.

  • A Word of Caution: OTC Trade Risks

Without a trusted escrow system, OTC trades carry significant risk. We implore you to avoid such transactions and remain patient for official trading solutions to prevent potential losses.

Token Distribution: Transparency and Trust

As we transition to the mainnet, it’s important to understand the token distribution and the vesting process that ensures fairness and long-term stability.

Linear Release: The Tranche System

The Massa Station will display vested coins, released over time in one-month tranches. This randomized release schedule starts two days after the 15th, maintaining equity and security in distribution.

Questers and Ambassadors: Rewarding Commitment

  • Dashboard Questers will enjoy immediate access to their tokens, with 100% unlocked at the outset.
  • Ambassadors and Node Runners will have 30% of their coins unlocked, with the rest following the two-year linear release schedule.
  • Galxe, Zealy, hackathon participants, and Obvious NFT game winners: Your contributions are invaluable, and we assure you that your rewards are forthcoming in a few weeks, in appreciation for your support and active participation in Massa’s journey.

Backers: Addressing Private Sales

Our backers fall into two categories:

  • Those who provided addresses will see their coins in the initial ledger, with the standard release scheme commencing on the 15th.
  • Late backers need not worry. Your coins are held securely and will be distributed through a special vesting smart contract once you provide your address.

On the Horizon:

· Public Sale: The Massa mainnet launch is just the beginning. In the coming weeks, we will unveil information about a public sale, as well as exchange listings, allowing even more enthusiasts to join our ranks.

· Ecosystem Expansion: Massa’s ecosystem will expand in stages, with our focus of highlighting the strengths of our chain, such as our Autonomous Smart Contracts. A good example of this is Dusa, a pioneering DEX on Massa that showcases the seamless integration and advanced capabilities of our protocol. It automates liquidity management entirely on-chain and brings advanced trading options like limit orders and Dollar-Cost Averaging. This innovation extends beyond functionality, ensuring a user experience free from censorship and resistant to frontend hacks. Our goal is to encourage more projects that use Massa’s unique capabilities to drive forward-thinking solutions in web3.

  • Bridging the Massa Economy: Moving towards interconnectivity, Massa soon will integrate bridges linking us to other blockchain ecosystems. This move will help expand Massa’s horizons, to unlock new possibilities for cross-chain collaborations and fluid asset movements. Bridging will facilitate a seamless flow of value and enrich our ecosystem with diverse functionalities and enhanced access to global DeFi markets.

Massa’s Mainnet — A Leap Forward

The Massa mainnet is more than a network; it’s a commitment to innovation, security, and community. And January 15th is not just a launch date — it’s the day we collectively harness the potential of blockchain together. As we approach the launch, we extend our deepest gratitude to the community whose passion and commitment have turned this vision into reality. It’s your unwavering support that has brought us to this transformative moment.

On launch day, we open a new chapter where each of you plays a starring role. Dive into the new Massa experience by joining our AMA for firsthand insights, by staking to secure the network and earn rewards from the start, and by building on a platform designed to foster innovation and growth. We welcome all to be a part of this new journey!



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