Massa raised €5 million for the 1st truly decentralized blockchain

Massa Labs
2 min readNov 10, 2021


Since 2018, Massa Labs has been working tirelessly on its new cutting edge technology and innovative approach to blockchain scaling. After being rewarded with grants from the French government, the importance of this work is now confirmed by a successful token private sale round.

While deploying the first versions of its testnet, Massa has been closing deals with 100 token buyers from 18 countries, raising €5M ($5.8M), with a small ticket cap. This round is, to our knowledge, the most distributed of all L1 private rounds. The tokenomics effectively avoid the early emergence of whales and power grabs. We are proud of this whale-free, well-distributed round, which is in line with our vision of a truly decentralized blockchain.

Many notable investors from the crypto and blockchain ecosystem contributed to this round. Among them are BlueYard, Acecap, Numeus, Ariane Capital.

Strengthened by the trust from its supporters, the Massa team is now working relentlessly towards the delivery of the first version of its smart contract engine. In the meantime, the testnet Episode 4 was launched with success and Episode 3 closed with a record of more than 3000 nodes running simultaneously.

List of notable backers:

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With over 3000 nodes running constantly and a majority of the nodes being routable during the TEST.3.X episode, our testnet is already one of the most decentralized networks.



Massa Labs | Massa is a truly decentralized blockchain controlled by thousands of people. With our multithreaded technology, we’re set for mass adoption.