Why we moved to TEST.1.X?

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2 min readAug 11, 2021


We are happy to announce we started to release new versions of the Testnet

Thanks to all the community feedback, as well as the pace at which we had an increase of nodes, we had to quickly release an improved version (released on July 31st).

It has already been more than 3 weeks since we launched our Testnet. The first release has already been feeding us a lot of data and feedback, we have identified room for improvements. The 31st of July we announced the release of TEST.1.1 to include as many improvements as possible.

What figures do we have from the TEST.0.0, before July 31st?

  • More than 750 nodes went live
  • More than 350 nodes were constantly live
  • More than 30000 rolls (each roll is 500 Massa) were purchased

For that, we wanted to thank our early followers and all our communities! We counted more than 2000 followers on Discord, almost 500 on Telegram, 180 on Twitter, as well as 3 language communities (Russian, Indonesian, Turkish speaking).

Again: all those figures have been reached without having done any communication, making us very grateful to all our community members and Testnet users.

Why did we move so fast towards TEST.1.1 and what changed?

One of the main issues that led us to move forward the TEST.1.1, besides the improved experience for anyone wanting to run a node, was the bootstrapping servers issues and new nodes not having their ports opened. Indeed, due to the fact we didn’t expect that many people to join before we even communicated about Massa, we expected no more than 50 nodes to connect to our 4 initial nodes.

Therefore, since most of the new nodes didn’t have their ports opened, almost all nodes’ traffic had to go through the four Massa nodes. It was a problem for three reasons: first, it gave Massa team an increased power on the network; second it was not stable and decentralized; third, it couldn’t handle the traffic from all nodes connected to those first four ones well (too centralized indeed!!!).

The TEST.1.1 release fixed those problems with documentation improvement (how to open the ports, getting rid of non important logs, bringing more bootstrapping servers — 4 servers instead of 1 — and much more) and code improvement.

A lot of things changed, and you can find all of them on our gitlab:

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