Massa testnet is live!

Massa Labs
2 min readJul 16, 2021

Massa Testnet is live!

After working around the clock to deliver a working version of the testnet, the Massa team is proud to announce it is now live! Everyone can now run a node.

This is a busy summer for Massa. The team has been raising funds since July through early investors interested in the project, and has been awarded the i-Lab 2021 price on July 8th (by Bpifrance). But it also has been building its testnet to deliver it as soon as possible.

The testnet now allows everyone to run a node, with low tech requirements. People can stake (create blocks) and perform transactions. For anyone running a testnet node, an incentive is being set up, that will reward you with mainnet Massa coins when the mainnet is live.

In the meantime, while the community starts giving feedback, playing around, trying to find glitches, the team will improve this early version of Massa, and start developing the smart contract engine.

This is only the beginning of the adventure, but the testnet step is a critical one in order to give a first taste of the tech to the community, followers, backers, investors, as well as to improve every part of the code for the future mainnet while gathering feedback to be able to build smart contracts & the best features on top of it.

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