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4 min readJan 29, 2024

Massa, the most decentralized and scaled blockchain, has its mainnet breathing since January 15! In two weeks, 1,800+ stakers joined the network, and 80k+ operations were processed, among which brand new autonomous smart contracts. Our Whitepaper describes the long-term vision of the Layer 1, but we owe you more alpha on what’s expected already in this year 2024!

Day 1 Stakers

Massa Labs and Massa Foundation, the founding pillars of the ecosystem

Let’s first remind the role of the founding entities. Massa Labs, based in Paris, was at the origin of the Massa project, designing the protocol and bootstrapping the community since 2020. It was in fall 2023 that the Massa Foundation was created in Geneva, Switzerland by Massa Labs, with Sébastien moving to the Foundation as first president of the council, Adrien taking the CEO position at Massa Labs, and Damir staying CTO of Massa Labs, tirelessly leading the core teams to deliver breakthrough software.

Massa Labs will continue to oversee the technical development of the Massa blockchain stack from the core L1 to its tooling. They provide maintenance and updates, study the blockchain space and do research and innovation to keep the blockchain state-of-the-art.

The Massa Foundation now takes care of the Massa ecosystem, orchestrating the incentive programs, and fueling community initiatives of all sorts. After a successful testnet incentive program bootstrapping the mainnet network’s security and decentralization, the Foundation focus will now be on growing the ecosystem through other programs like the grant program, while ensuring the blockchain stays decentralized accross all layers. In particular, it will ensure the community is able to significantly participate in shaping the future of the ecosystem.

Next steps for decentralization and community participation

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming to increase community participation:

  • A fresh community forum to gather important information, debates and proposals around Massa. Inspired by bitcointalk and ethresearch, this will be the place to present community projects and events, discuss the blockchain parameters, improvement proposals, grant applications, or the future roadmap in general. More organized than a Discord/TG channel, with voting features based on tokens, it will be possible to understand what holders truly want once the noise is removed. We expect the first discussions to be on potential grants and on network parameters, but we might be wrong!
  • The very first Massa Community Conference! Bringing the community together in real life is the best way to catch up with the ecosystem, fertilize ideas and bootstrap beautiful projects! Stay tuned for more info.
  • Bringing new members to the Foundation’s Council. The Foundation must include key people with diverse background from the crypto industry and beyond, who will share the values and vision of the most decentralized blockchain! We’re welcoming proposals and applications at this stage, and we also plan to choose and onboard to the council one of our devoted ambassadors, the people closest to the community!

Technical Road Map for 2024/2025

With the mainnet now launched, development is not slowing down, quite the opposite! Apart from maintenance and necessary updates on the core blockchain and tooling, several directions are being planned for future development:

  • One of the first expected actions is to deploy the domain name smart contract, which was previously studied in testnet. This will enable the web-on-chain feature on mainnet! Developers will be able to store the full front-end of their dApps together with the smart contract backend, for users to enjoy full security and censorship-resistance of decentralized applications!
  • A strong focus for the Massa blockchain is to be well integrated with the other blockchains and the ecosystem in general, including through bridges and oracles. While Hyperlane and Umbrella are now in cooperation with Massa, other technologies and layers should be explored in the future, always with a focus on those favoring decentralization!
  • Autonomous Smart Contracts, now known as one of the breakthrough brought by Massa’s L1, e.g. used by the Dusa DEX for autonomous orders, will continue to develop and show off new secure and efficient use cases for blockchains. To accompany these use cases, new improvements and functions are already envisioned for these smart contracts who know how to wake-up on their own.
  • At least two topics around developer experience have been brought up many times from both inside and outside the team, and deserve more attention on the longer-term: EVM compatibility and Account Abstraction. These features would definitely bring a lot of value to the ecosystem, are complex and challenging — all the things we love!

For the full color on our long-term vision for this truly decentralized blockchain, definitely have look at our Whitepaper if you haven’t already!



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