Massa’s Commitment to Security: Bug Bounty Program Launch and Mainnet Preparations

Massa Labs
2 min readNov 10, 2023


As we edge closer to our mainnet launch, the Massa team is proud to share significant milestones reflecting our commitment to security.

Security Firm CertiK lists Massa as Top-3 Pre-Launch Project!

Our journey has been marked by rigorous security practices. We’ve hardened our code, and the Massa node has undergone a thorough audit, with all findings meticulously addressed. This dedication to security has earned us a prestigious spot in the top 3 of all pre-launch projects according to Skynet’s security leaderboards. You can review the audit results and our security standing on the CertiK Skynet project page for Massa.

Introducing the Bug Bounty Program: Securenet in Action

With the node code fortified, we are thrilled to launch the Massa Bug Bounty Program. Now, people worldwide can test the limits of our network on a specially designed non-incentivized network, aptly named “Securenet.” The Securenet serves as a blank canvas, inviting participants to explore, probe, and challenge our system’s resilience.

Participants who identify and report critical bugs will be rewarded with Massa tokens, with the bounty varying based on the severity of the findings. The bug bounty program is designed to be an ongoing effort, with no set end date, running until the allocated 1 million Massa tokens are claimed. For detailed information on the bounty program and how to participate, visit the Massa Labs page on CertiK Skynet.

A Community-Driven Approach to Security

The Massa community has been integral to our development process, and the engagement on our testnet has been a testament to the collective effort in building a secure ecosystem. With over 60,000 individuals connected to the platform, the enthusiasm and support have been overwhelming. We want to express our gratitude for the incredible participation and feedback in our testnet quests campaign that have shaped Massa’s growth.

While the dashboard will remain live as a platform for KYC and may serve as the launchpad for future campaigns, we assure our community that the points earned are preserved. We encourage everyone to stay alert for upcoming announcements regarding the utilization of these points.

Looking Ahead: Mainnet Launch and Beyond

As we ready these final steps for the mainnet launch (which will include KYC — stay tuned), we are filled with anticipation and excitement for what’s to come. Massa’s unique features, combined with our community’s support and the robust security measures in place, set the stage for a groundbreaking release.

We invite you to join us on this journey, contribute to our bug bounty program, and continue to be a part of a chain that promises security, innovation, and community at its core.



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