Massa’s Landmark Moment: Public Sale on DAO Maker

Massa Labs
3 min readApr 9, 2024


The past few months have been amazing for Massa: a successful mainnet launch with over 2,000 stakers; a proven ability to process up to 10,000 transactions per second through a groundbreaking parallel block architecture; release of our on-chain web and autonomous smart contracts; and a groundbreaking sale on Republic which sold out by raising almost $3M.

Now, we’re thrilled to announce that Massa’s native token, $MAS, is set to embark on a public sale on DAO Maker starting April 8th, 2024.

DAO Maker: The Launchpad for $MAS

DAO Maker is celebrated for its role in incubating and accelerating the growth of groundbreaking Web3 projects. With over 135 successful launches, DAO Maker is the perfect platform to set the stage for Massa’s next growth chapter. DAO Maker prioritizes integrity and security, and its stringent processes, inclusive of comprehensive audits and KYC verifications, mirror our dedication to maintaining the highest standards for our community and future token holders.

How to participate in the public sale

To participate in the public sale launched on DAO Maker, users will need to:

  1. Go to
  2. On the top right corner, connect your wallet
  3. Under “Featured Offerings”, find Massa
  4. Select the “Offering” tab
  5. The sale consists of two rounds: a $400k DAO round and a $200k USDT round. Click on the “DAO Round”/“USDT Round” on the right side to choose among them. (Note that $DAO and $USDT must be on BNB Smart Chain to deposit on DAO Maker’s platform)
  6. Press button “Participate”
  7. Choose “Guaranteed” or “Lottery” for your final allocation (Guaranteed depositors will get their allocation percentage, while Lottery participants have a chance of either a full refund or full allocation)
  8. Type the amount (for Guaranteed), or number of tickets (for Lottery)
  9. Click “Approve” and the pop-up from your connected wallet will appear; confirm the transaction
  10. Once the transaction is confirmed, Approve button will change to Deposit. Click “Deposit”
  11. Another pop-up from your wallet will appear to confirm the deposit transaction

You can deposit more any time by pressing the “Deposit more” button.

Note that new users must pass a brief KYC process in order to participate.

A Glimpse Beyond the Sale

This partnership and the sale on DAO Maker pave the way for our mission to democratize the blockchain ecosystem. It’s a step towards creating a more accessible, efficient, and secure platform for developers and users alike.

Following the DAO Maker sale, Massa is set to accelerate its roadmap, with a 20M $MAS Grant Program, liquidity incentives, and other programs focused on expanding its ecosystem, enhancing platform capabilities, and broadening its reach. Together, we are fulfilling the promise of true decentralization in web3, thanks to your unwavering support and belief in Massa’s vision and technology.

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