Our Testnet Episode 11 is live!

  • Instead of having a big part of the ledger in RAM everything is now in the disk.
  • Ubuntu 20+:apt-get install libclang-dev
  • MacOs:brew install clang
  • Windows:choco install llvm
  • Ledger stored on disk: in testnet 10 the ledger of smart contracts was stored in the RAM and so if it became too big than your node will consume a lot of RAM. We now moved it to the disk. It should reduce the usage of your RAM especially when we will have more smart-contract on the testnet
  • Streaming Bootstrap: When you want to connect to the network you need to bootstrap to be up-to-date about the ledger of the network. In testnet 10, the whole ledger was sent in one batch during the bootstrap that could lead the packet to be really heavy and make the bootstrap process more difficult. That’s why you had node with minimal connection that couldn’t bootstrap at the end of the testnet. Now the ledger is sent by batch of 1MB.
  • Transaction Throughput: 1850 tx/s
  • Block Throughput: 1.77 b/s
  • 3600+ followers on Telegram
  • 5250+ followers on Twitter
  • 19000+ members on Discord
  • 350+ followers on Medium
  • 350+ registered for our future newsletters
  • 110+ followers on Reddit
  • June 25: Massa will be a Sponsor of the CoinAcademy IRL event in Paris.
  • In August: actions and events allowing participation of the community will be launched, with possible rewards.



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