Our Testnet Episode 9 is live!

Since the Episode 0 of our Testnet, our blockchain, Massa, has been constantly growing in terms of community & number of validators. Today we are happy to announce you that the Episode 9 is live.

Episode 9, latest updates:

The hardware requirements have not changed and are available here:


Major changes introduced in TEST.9.0:

  • autonomous smart contracts
  • network and CPU performance improvements
  • 2 major desynchronization-inducing bugs repaired
  • various improvements

Full changelog: https://github.com/massalabs/massa/releases

Important remark: the peer system was updated in TEST.9.0, so if you are updating your node and still have the file massa-node/storage/peers.json, it will prevent the new version from starting, you need to delete it beforehand.

Conclusion of the Episode 8, figures:

  • Nodes: 5000+
  • Transaction Throughput: 800 tx/s
  • Block Throughput: 1.7 b/s

And our community figures:

  • 8 non-official communities (Russian speaking, French, Turkish, Spanish, German, Indonesian [new], Chinese)
  • 3400+ followers on Telegram
  • 4500+ followers on Twitter
  • 17500+ members on Discord
  • 350+ followers on Medium
  • 300+ registered for our future newsletters
  • 100+ followers on Reddit

Other News:

Finally, Massa is now in the process to step-up our media & event presence. Indeed, Massa team will be present at several events in April.

On April 8, our CSO Adrien will be at PIX event organized by Plaine Images (Lille, France), one of the biggest European hubs dedicated to creative industries. This event will be the opportunity to show how blockchains can be used in creative industries such as gaming or music.

On April 13, Sébastien, Damir & Adrien will be at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit (Paris, France). This event is the biggest blockchain event in terms of institutional players participation.

On April 24, Damir & Adrien will be at the Krypto-Hack, organized by Kryptosphere (Lyon, France). Kryptosphere is the biggest student association in the blockchain field.

In the meantime Massa was displayed in some AMA, by some influencers and in some articles (in the Cryptonaute, Coin Academy, Le Journal du Coin, . The team wants to give a big shout out to the Massa Friends (so far the unofficial name of the Community Leaders) who launched the Massadopted website: a community led initiative to display tutorials, articles, information about Massa.

Useful Links about Massa:

With more than 5000 nodes running constantly and a majority of the nodes being routable during the Episode 8 of our Testnet, our network is already one of the most decentralized ones.



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Massa is a truly decentralized blockchain controlled by thousands of people. With the breakthrough multithreaded technology, we’re set for mass adoption.